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“Craft is knowing when to revise a manuscript and when to leave it alone, but art is the fire in the mind that puts the story on the page in the first place.” Pat Schneider.


This new, six-week workshop is open to people with interesting brains. Whether you identify as neuroatypical, as having a mood disorder, or have any and all other kind of exceptional mind, this workshop is a match. We’re limiting our group to a total of twelve men and women.

Cassi is a Certified Writing Workshop Facilitator. While she is not a licensed mental-health practitioner, this is a writing group, not a therapy group. Participants are still encouraged to receive professional help, when appropriate, while they write with this group.

For more information email or go to .

Dates and Times

Dates and Time

A free introductory, hour-long meeting will be held the first Wednesday in February  at 10:30 am PST via zoom. This is open to everyone, especially therapists and psychologists interested in finding out more information about how their patients can benefit from writing in groups. Please contact Cassi at if you plan to attend. She will email you with the zoom link.

We will officially start in February on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, via zoom, at 10:30-12:30 PST.

First writing workshop is starting at the end of March, 2023.

An afternoon or early morning group may also be formed, depending on demand.


"Cassi has made such an inspiring addition to my life..." H.T.




"I appreciated the guidelines given to one another as we read aloud. I like that we are directed to be positive and affiriming so that we have nothing to fear about sharing from the heart" F.F.


"(Cassi is) kind, supportive, empathetic....organized and tolerant, with a good sense of humor." M.W.


“The leader, Cassi, is welcoming and affirming of your writing style.” C.W.


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