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You've Got Women, You've Got Women On Your Mind

I had to choose between Moya Cannon's reading and Irish music. I opted for Moya. She'd listened to my poetry for two days, I felt like I should listen to hers.

She was brilliant, so smart, tender and bright. This is such a good poem:

One of the Most Foolish Questions… I ever asked was of a young historian in Florida. I asked her that Irish question, used to keep conversation flowing, if she knew where her family had come from originally. She paused and said, It is difficult – you can tell a certain amount from auction sales records and cargo lists. But one family, she said, had a song, which they had managed to track back to a village in Senegal. From Donegal Tarantella, Carcanet Press, 2019

Afterwards a handful of us went to the Harp and a smaller number ate dinner. Here I am with my sherry trifle. It started out good, but the fruit part was canned fruit cocktail suspended in sherry flavored jello. I did not finish it.

An Irish pub rock band came in and played, "In the Summertime," "Blueberry Hill" and "Hey Mr. Tambourine" and we sang along.

Also, if you ever get an Irish person to say "Credence Clearwater Revival", do it.

This is purple Eliza, my apartment-mate. She is a talented performer. We stumbled home and I got to zoom to Brian and Corinne.

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