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The Infamous Turkish Towel

I just tried to use Irish dry shampoo and it painted my hair white. I was very worried: my hair is red. I can't have powdery gray patches. So I hopped into the shower down the hall, about ten feet away. Things in Ireland are small, and, although no one would ever describe me as small, if I were 20lbs bigger I wouldn't have fit.

I tried to rub it off with this lousy shampoo bar (I had bought the dry shampoo to replace it, it's nasty and does nothing more than rubbing the flat side of a leggo over my head would.) then I used my conditioner bar and flooded the bathroom. That's okay, right? I have my handy dandy Turkish beach towel! I saw it on the internet, it is supposed to wisk away water, wisk away sand and dry quickly....The reality of which is it sucks up water like a low-thread count sheet. I finally yanked down the bath mat and tried to use what was left of the Turkey towel to dry the floor off.

More later today

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