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The Atlantic

I had an Full Irish Breakfast and I didn't like most of it. Beans: good. Toast: good. Tomato: good. Sausage: no. Bacon: no. There was no blood pudding.

I may try again later.

My friends and I went to the Atlantic Ocean and had a blast! So beautiful, albeit overcast. We saw a faint rainbow. The water was warmer than Santa Cruz and we stayed in for a lot longer than we planned.

This is Ella, an insightful writer and nurse(!)

I bought food at TESCO.

Dairy and crackers!

and upside down cheese!

I'm waiting for memoirist Sean Hewitt's reading to start, slightly damp with sand in my shoes. I'm in the choir loft and so are some chatty people behind me.

It is raining.

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