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Tea Time

Met an American, a true patriot yesterday who confessed he could eat an entire box of Oreos in one sitting. I countered with the fact i could eat a sleeve. The conversation quickly turned to Frank Sinatra. His name must be spoken with reverence, either as, "Frank Sinatra" or "The Chairman".

He knew The Chairman's trick of ordering a drink, taking a sip and leaving it around the party before ordering another one. I did not know, though, that Dean Martin was actually not a smoker.

In my final seminar we performed "the Hourglass" Here are some tech pictures:

I was Bridget, the Wise Man's brained-washed wife. She is wearing her "submissive wife face".

The puppet next to mine is "The Fool"

The man in the shirt is Leo and he's posing for Corinne because she likes that musician, too.

Last pic is my dinner, raspberries and clotted cream.

Headed to poetry open mic later. Working on new poem now.

See you tomorrow.

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