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No Swimming, Surfing Okay, But First.

I just tried to use Irish dry shampoo and it painted my hair white. So I hopped into the shower, if I were 20lbs bigger I wouldn't have fit and tried to rub it off with this lousy shampoo bar (I had bought the dry shampoo to replace it, it's nasty) then I used my conditioner shampoo bar and flooded the bathroom. That's okay, right? I have my handy dandy Turkish beach towel! Which sucks up water like a low-thread count sheet. I finally yanked down the bath mat and tried to use what was left of this towel to dry the floor off.

That was last night. Today I'm going to the beach to watch surfers. Bus comes in 20 minutes, thought there was a cafe to wait but it was more like a gourmet convenience store/deli. The pub I had dinner at is open and the group of footballers I saw last night just went in. They won't sell you a beer until 10:30, so I'm not sure what they'll do in the meantime.

In Strandhill. Feeling more confident on the buses.

People here are very kind to me. Hostel manager offered to let me keep my big-butt suitcase there and let me keep my key until 3 or so. (Check out was at 10:30).

A 72 year old woman walked about ten blocks out of her way to find Sheridan's Cheesemongers.

Everyone on both train and bus and street has been committed to getting me where I want to go.

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