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No more school/no more books/no more teacher's dirty....

Last full day in Sligo. Up early to wash clothes I'm going to donate. Walked into town to find out "my" bakery was closed until nine. Lectures start at 10:15 so I've got quite sometime to listen to the water bubble its way through town and watch the sunrise.

I've made some friends here, issued invites to California, listened to lectures, most of which I understood and liked. Dublin is beautiful, too, hundreds of year old buildings, snazzy dressers, lots of Gelato. I'll look forward to returning tomorrow, but see why people love Sligo so much.

The big surprise is how much I identified with Yeats. He loves his, "land of heart's desire" and I love my country, too. It comes through in both of our writing. There are other things, too. I don't really want to get into it too deeply here, but the automatic writing and further psychic content touched me, too.

Some friends:

Some daytime Bridge pics:

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