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My Last Full Day

I woke up this morning earlier than usual. I said to myself, "It's your last full day in Dublin."

But it wasn't. I have two more days to go.

Dublin is beautiful. There are many worse places to be stuck in. I have big plans for today, but it is Sunday, I could not find a church near by and nothing opens until after noon.

I bought some beautiful raspberries for about 2 euros, and creme fraiche for .99 euros. A spectacular breakfast. I don't have the stomach for the Full Irish Breakfast I told myself I would find. I had one, albeit not a very good one, in Sligo. This is going to have to be one of those things I eat on a return trip.

After my Boot's trip at noon. (Tested negative!) I went for a walk and found a three tiered mall. It had a United Colors of Benneton, and a mini-Ikea.

After I emerged there was a band set up on the square playing Brown Eyed Girl. There were an older couple dancing vigorously and enthusiastically so a crowd had formed. One of those magical city moments.

Since this blog is supposed to be about photos, here is a photo of ducks from this morning and some happiness from last night.

Oh great. I'm out to dinner and a set of Americans just sat down next to me.

The Americans have ordered alcohol.

Never a good thing.

I'm at Cirillos. My spaghetti was served with a fish melange. I am conspicuously alone. I thought I would be too early for a crowd. That's why I'm surrounded by various languages! I never thought of that.

"Americans are quite loud, aren't they?" My English friend stated rather than asked. Yes, we don't learn how to drink until never.

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