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If It's Not Too Far, Why Don't You Walk?

At least in books, Irish girls are aching to go to New York. For Dubliners, I'd have no idea why. Dublin is everything and has everything. Beautiful buildings; Universities; shops.; sales! There seem to be all sorts of places to eat all sorts of wonderful food. If you like beer, there is beer, but if you don't like beer, some places will give you soda for free.

On weekends there are a lot of tourists. I don't think I'd like that part.

I write to you from my delicious red chair. I went to Gino's. It was a farther walk that I bargained for. I do not have many clothes and chose between a sundress and jeans with my Trinity College T-shirt that I bought for Brian. I opted for the jeans and was very hot. Once got there, with my mask on, I ordered a crepe. (Raspberries, strawberries, white chocolate and coconut) I planned on getting gelato, too. With this dread illness, I seem to get very hungry and don't know when to stop, but I decided to stop.

I also decided to take a taxi home. He asked where I was going and I said not too far. "If it's not too far, why don't you walk?" He scowled, putting on his mask. "It's too hot." I imagine it's not more than eighty degrees here, but I was sweaty and unhappy because I did't want to run myself down too much. Then he got angry because he thought I spilled drink in the back of his cab. I didn't do that, but I would have been mad, too.

"Africa," by Toto, came on for the second time during my trip. I was happy again.

He drove around and took me back to UAC. From an approximate fare of seven euros, I gave him what was left from my ten euro note because he did take me home and he probably knew I had something going on.

I write to you from my delicious red chair. I've moved rooms in to a much nicer one. I have three days to go. If I'm negative tomorrow, I might go to Howth on Monday, like the cabbie from the other day said I should. It's a lovely fishing village. I might not though, everything makes me tired. I feel like I'd love to bring Brian to Dublin and show him everything I've seen and everything I wanted to see that dear old Uncle Corona keep me from exploring.

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