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I'm a Positive Kind of Person

At least when it comes to COVID. I tested positive this morning. That explains the sore throat from two days ago, the coughing and sneezing fits that self-evicted me from the Abbey Theatre. (I only had one coughing fit during the play. The play, Translations, was excellent, and watched the second half from the lobby, with a woman who was having a panic attack.) I was surprised, though, because this nonsense made me feel like I had pneumonia or bronchitis. I've had those before and they were miserable and sent me to the hospital.

So, I'm living a rather glamorous life. I live in a hotel. I order in food. I do whatever I want to do, within the confines of this room. I've a stack of books, many of them funny, which I planned to read on the plane.

Ah, the plane. I can't call United because my phone won't make 1-800 calls, and my voice is super hoarse, so I'm waiting for someone from America to wake up and help me.

The fish here is divine, and inexpensive. I ordered a seafood ramen bowl and egg rolls and it was as cheap as chicken. Oh, this ridiculousness must explain why chicken is repulsive to me. I ran into the proprietor on the way to sit on the steps for my food and she was so kind. She said if I needed a doctor to let her know, and why didn't I sit in the terrace and enjoy my lunch there. Those darn Irish!

I have plenty of time, and the illness comes in waves, so I'll update the pictures from Sligo, probably later on today. Despite this stupidity I am still happy to be in Ireland. But I miss my family very much.

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