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Getting Lost. Twice.

I think God really wanted to bless me today.

I saw these when I got lost going to the poetry reading. I read:

"I would give you a cloud of colors Because I don’t know how to fix your world"

An excerpt from a poem I wrote for Brian.

When I got lost going back to the apartment I missed the Sligo City Walk, and was sad about it, but I was able to write a poem about Adrian Paterson's lecture, "Social Medium: George Yeats, W.B. Yeats and the Dead." (George is his wife.)

I too, have heard the footsteps of the dead,

Toenails clicking and pattering on the tile floor.

Soup lunch with Cicely and Matthew. Tomahto and Bazil, or Tomayto and Baysil, if you wish. Poor Cicely, an English teacher from Korea, a very bright woman who has to sort out the half a dozen different dialects and accents. I'll get a picture with her later. She has been very friendly to me and says my Korean is so beautiful to hear. (I know: hello, ma'am, my name is Jee-Hi, and thank you.) However, I am the 2nd most Korean-literate person in the cohort, so she feels very welcome when I speak to her in Korean. (At least I think that's what she said.)

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