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After Mass

No communion, but a special blessing from an African priest and a word about avarice. Are Catholic churches designed to be the same world wide?

They like things sweet here. The least sweet pastry was this almond crossing which tastes like it's made of challa bread.

I don't see how anyone can write in a cafe unless they are under tremendous pressure to finish a project. It's tooloud. My tinnitus is so loud I can hardly write in silence in my room. Also there is too much to see. Thus morning it's women in athletic gear and men with beards in brightly colored shoes. It's Sunday and I think this is the only open cafe in town.

We went on a lovely walking tour of Rosses Point.

Writing workshop went very well, in fact I'm waiting for Moya Cannon to come read her poems. I just got back from Mexican food with small group mix of students in there in their twenties and forties. (about as Mexican as Chipotle, but fresh, and with good company.)

Also, dessert.

Good night, everyone!

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