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Pictures from our last night at the school.

Conner (sp?) Wearing his mom's smoking jacket, Cecily, from Korea. She liked me because she said I was the only one who spoke Korean. (I said, "hello" formally and informally, "thank you" "my name is Ji-Hee" (which is a lovely name given to me from my students years ago that means, "intelligent and joyful". "What a combination!" Exclaimed my new friend, Matthew.)

Lastly, Christy, who took me to a craft cocktail bar, as it was the only place with gin and tonics. I ordered, "Something fun without alcohol." I got this:

Lemonade, frothy from real egg white, with a slice of (inedible) passion fruit and a Sprite chaser.

I will order that "something fun," again.

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I took a lot of pictures of sheep during our waterfall visit.

Cemetery where Yeats and wife, George, were probably buried. Someone smarter than me suggested he was in France. There is a story about why. I won't tell it here.

The lovely people here are reading Yeats' poetry, in front of his grave. It was a lovely, reverent, closure to our visit.

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