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I need someone to help me set up this blog for a new use. If you know someone, please have them contact me at Thank you!

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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Walked smack dab in front of a bicyclist. Not only pissed off the bicyclist, but I left my boot for my dodgy foot in front of the UAC. I bet that's something Lady Gregory never did.

Priority everything was very nice. The help for disabled folks, like me is wonderful. T wheelchair is very nice, you push right through.

Grandpa with Irish accent and two biracial grandchildren asked kid if they were, "just chilling?" Rhymes with shilling.

As I'm getting on the plane in a few hours, this will be my last blog entry. Thank you to those of you that came along for the ride, and I hope we travel to Ireland again soon.


(Pictures of some food that I ate in the last twenty four hours.)

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It is wet here, which after days of cheerful sunshine, makes me happy. It probably rained while I was sleeping this morning. My big plan for today was to eat everything I packed in the refrigerator. This includes raspberries, creme fraish and crackers. I did not count on the refrigerator being locked, so I went back to the Italian restaurant I ate at yesterday. I went to the three tired shopping mall and found somethings, as I had no clean clothes to wear on the plane and I thought that was just rude.

Nothing interesting, I'm afraid.

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